What to Expect

We are looking forward to delivering the best health insurance options we can find for your team! Here’s how the benefits process will work for your business:

6 Phase Process

The business owner completes the form at naainsurancenter.com. A Program Advisor will reach out to confirm your submitted information and talk with you to determine the best options to meet your needs.

To secure your quote(s), your Program Advisor will help coordinate collecting some employee information from your team.

A benefit proposal with rates and plans is generated for your review. Your Program Advisor will review with you the plan details and pricing, working with you to select the solution that works best for your Company.

At this point you will be introduced to the rest of your Benefits team. They will make sure your portal is built, your account activated, and make sure you have everything you need for your employees to have a smooth and successful open enrollment.

Company implementation / onboarding completes and Employee enrollment starts. Employees begin to walk through the very simple benefits enrollment process.

With the initial setup, onboarding and open enrollment complete – your client engagement manager will provide you with support and on-going training.

Frequently Asked Questions

The NAA Insurance Center includes a wide range of employee benefit options created to provide comprehensive coverage with the most affordable plans across the country. Benefit choices include medical/prescription, dental, vision, life and disability insurance, pre-tax savings accounts and both qualified and non-qualified retirement plan options.

Once you’ve enrolled your coverage will typically begin on the first day of the following month.

Yes! Our Healthcare Solutions cover pre-existing conditions for any health benefit as prescribed within the Affordable Care Act’s “essential health benefits”.

Many insurance carriers have a provision called a deductible carry-over, which allows a person to apply, or carry-over, medical expenses from their current health insurance to their new health insurance carrier to satisfy the portion of deductible the individual has already met. This way, they do not have to start over to meet their deductible when switching health insurance carriers mid-year.

Cost varies based on your group size, the level of benefits you choose to provide to your employees and region of the country in which you live. Your program consultant will help you figure out what price is best for your needs.

No they do not. As long as the parent organization is a NAA member in good standing, they would not need to be members of another state affiliate.

Upon membership lapse, the member will receive notice of non-renewal of their insurance if dues are not paid up within 60 days.

Insurance plans are month to month. As long as you give 30 days notice to your current insurance carrier, you may switch insurance plans at any time.

Yes, suppliers qualify for this program.

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National Apartment Association and outside vendors have worked to provide an independent source of benefits, retirement, insurance, and HR services for the benefit of its independent members. Benefits, HR, retirement and insurance decisions, and sourcing are the responsibility of the business owners. A business owner’s decision as the employer whether or not to participate in the benefits and services provided is solely his/her decision. Neither National Apartment Association, its subsidiaries, nor any outside vendors are fiduciaries with respect to such decisions.